I have found it difficult to post recently, this season has really got to me following all that has gone on since Carlo upped sticks for Madrid.

As a fan of Everton football club for over 55 years, I am feeling incredibly anxious and sick to my stomach at the thought of possible relegation.

With just 6 games left in the season, we need to secure at least 8 points to avoid dropping down to the Championship.

The last time we were relegated was in 1954, a couple of years before I was born, so this feeling turning into resignation is totally alien to me.

Our form has been inconsistent throughout the season. We have found ourselves in the relegation zone and despite some flashes of good play, we have struggled to string together consistent performances.

We are now fighting for our Premier League survival, and every game feels like a must-win. It feels that time is running out.

As a long-time supporter of this club, the possibility of relegation is almost too much to bear.

This club has been a part of my life for so long, and the thought of them not being in the top flight is almost too much to contemplate.

It's not just about the loss of status, it's about the memories, the history, and the identity of the club.

The fear and uncertainty of possible relegation are taking a toll on me as a fan.

Every game feels like a high-pressure situation, and every defeat is a gut punch.

It's hard to stay optimistic in the face of such a daunting task, but as a supporter, I know that I need to stick by my team through thick and thin. Maybe, just maybe we can beat Newcastle and Leicester in the next two games.

Nottingham Forest beating Brighton 3 - 1 last night was a sickener and ruined my night's sleep. 

Despite the odds, I still have hope for my team. They have shown flashes throughout the season, and I know they have the moments and occasional "worldy" to turn things around.

Maybe DCL or Doucoure can lead a resurgence. Maybe Gray, McNeil, grasps at straw even Keane, can chip in with those occasional stunning goals that are so few and so far between

Whether we stay up or go down, I will always support Everton FC, and that's something that can never be taken away.

The thought of Everton being relegated after supporting them for over 50 years is a gut-wrenching situation.

As a fan, I am feeling anxious and uncertain, but I know that I need to stay optimistic and support my team no matter what happens.

Whether we secure the points we need to stay up or drop down to the Championship, I will always be a loyal supporter of Everton FC, COYB, UTT.