Tonight Everton are in 15th position in the Premier League, 2 points from the bottom three...

I was shocked that we could not get a grip of this game in the first half, I honestly thought we had progressed and our midfield would have used home advantage to take control and win this game. 

Leicester looked far more solid and dangerous in front of goal.

They simply showed they are still ahead of Everton as a squad and will probably finish above us this season. 

They were and are still better than Everton. This was a wake up call. 

Again our lack of quality in front of goal meant we never really threatened. Though we had two good chances our attempts at finishing were predictable.

Some of our players are just not good enough. 

Then, as if scripted Tielemans scored that goal I predicted in my pre-match thoughts. 

That exact goal, we conceded so many times over the past two seasons and I was hoping in this game that Gana and Onana would not allow that to happen. 

I want Frank Lampard to be our manager long term, but, there is room for constructive criticism. 

Against Palace we played a double pivot two 6's Gana and Onana, with Iwobi pushed up floating behind and pressing with Dom.

It looked at times against Palace like 4, 4, 1,1 and it worked.

Yesterday, Lampard switched Onana to push up closer to Dom and Iwobi deeper.

You can see what Lampard tried to do, but the Leicester midfield just read the situation and Onana lacked the guile required in that role and had for me, his worst game in an Everton shirt. 

I cannot help but think what affect the upcoming World Cup had on this game, how it plays on certain individuals application on the day. 

Tielemans a more experienced player in the Belgian squad than Onana, played within himself but still scored a worldy.

Onana look hesitant and indecisive at times with maybe a thought in his mind about possible injury and the World Cup at this stage of his career. 

Onana, who should know better than anybody, that you cannot let Tielemans have that much time and space, unchallenged to shoot from that position.

Onana stood off and it was game over.

Leicester just managed the game after that. 

Lampard also has to ponder if he made the right decision starting Coleman over Patterson today... Brendan Rodgers targetted Coleman and it led to the first goal for Leicester.

Very disappointing game.

The recent performances against Newcastle and Leicester are signs we are a bottom third Premier League side at the minute. 

We need more goals in this squad  and more quality in the final offensive third. 

Looks like we could be missing DCL for the next two games, as he left the field with what looked like a pulled hamstring. 

Bad day at the office today, I just hope this is not back to business as usual from last season. 

We now "need" a performance against Bournemouth away or spirits will be low going into the World Cup Break.