As an Everton supporter for 57 years, the recent battle for survival has put me through unimaginable stress and anxiety.

But now, as I reflect on the final whistle, a wave of immense relief washes over me.

Everton, has secured their place in the Premier League for another season.

Let me take you through the rollercoaster ride that unfolded, highlighting the key moments and emotions that encapsulate the journey of a long-time supporter.

The Magnificent Few: True Heroes Amidst Struggles:
Throughout the season, Everton relied on the few individuals who have consistently given their all for the club, even during the most challenging times.

Goalkeeper Jordan Pickford, with a crucial save in the dying seconds, exemplified the determination and resilience that defines Everton's spirit.

Their unwavering commitment was embodied by players like James Garner, who stepped up as an emergency right wing-back, and Abdoulaye Doucoure, proving his worth with an absolute thunderbolt of a goal and an unwavering performance.

These players, along with their hard workin teammates, everyone put a shift in against Bournemouth when the chips were down, they all fought until the very end, refusing to succumb to the pressure.

The Magnificent Backing: Everton's Loyal Supporters:
As the final fixtures approached, the Everton faithful demonstrated their unwavering loyalty.

The sheer number of supporters who gathered near County Road, causing traffic to be diverted, showcased the undying passion and dedication of the Evertonian fanbase.

They have been through countless seasons of suffering, yet their support has remained unwavering. The furious reaction of the fans after the initial joy subsided served as a clear message to the board that they deserve better.

The supporters' are spot on—change is needed at the club for sustained success.

A Temporary Reprieve: Rebooting Everton's Future:
While the immediate relief is palpable, it is essential to recognise that this is not a time for complacency. The hard truth is that Everton needs a serious reboot and fresh ideas within the club's hierarchy to avoid finding themselves in a similar situation next season.

The recent escape from relegation should serve as a wake-up call, urging the board to implement necessary changes and embrace new approaches.

Everton's loyal fanbase deserves a team that consistently competes at the highest level, and this temporary reprieve must be a catalyst for transformative action.

Savoring the Moment:
For now, as I sit here living in Sweden I experienced this final game with my daughter Shona and son Leon.

My eldest daughter Sharron texting from Liverpool during the match on the white knuckle ride with us.

Three Swedish Evertonians. We join the jubilant crowds flooding out onto Goodison Road, in spirit, a massive sense of relief and joy fills the air.

It is a moment to recover, a respite from the shattered nerves that have haunted us throughout this intense season. We can finally rest in the knowledge that our beloved club has once again defied the odds, taking a step back from the precipice just in time.

As a long-time Everton supporter, the journey from stress to relief has been a gut-wrenching one.

The sheer emotions, nerves, and rollercoaster of events have left an indelible mark on our memories.

The heroes on the pitch, the unwavering support of the fans, and the realisation that change is needed for long-term success have all shaped this unforgettable experience.

While the battle may be won for now, the war for Everton's future has only just begun.

As a loyal fan, I remain hopeful that the necessary changes will be made, leading to a revitalised and prosperous Everton, one that consistently competes among the elite.